Will it be worth it?

This is the post excerpt.


I’m on my 11th Grade of schooling right now and it’s really hard. 😩 Yeah, studying is part of our life and we have to finish it to have a better future. But, instead of being a first year college student right now, I’m still a High School student — Senior High School student.

I wonder why and how our government came up to a decision like this, of having an additional two years for High School. For me, it has an advantage and disadvantage somehow. Of course, because of this additional two years we can learn some lessons that supposed to be taught when we reached college and I am glad that I can really learn many things right now though it’s super hard 😅

On the other side, its disadvantage to the community is that, every person involved to this program will really adjust a lot. Like for the parents, this will be an extra cost for them and for the teachers, this will somehow punish them for the additional paper works that they have to do for their students.

Well. what I just wish right now is that this additional two years may become worth it when the time comes. 😌